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Brand Locus Consulting is an evolutionary advancement in the Business Development and Management Consulting sector. It is a creative and analytical process that adopts a card and dice game model to help businesses explore and identify hidden opportunities, challenges, and sustainable solutions.

Brand Locus consulting is highly effective in enhancing business growth, thought leadership, and team collaboration.

Brand Locus Consulting has 3 categories:
  • Explore - This is a basic gameplay mode best suited for generating new business insights, finding faults, and refining current business situations.

     45 Mins     4+      100,000 per session.
  • Discover - Best suited for when a weakness has been identified or an opportunity needs to be validated.

     90 Mins     6+      200,000 per session.
  • AHA Mode - An advanced model of the Brand Locus that aims to capture every vital angle of the business. Best for high-level management teams for absolute business evaluation.

     120 Mins     4+      400,000 per session.

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